The Bomber Products Truck

The Bomber Products Truck

CrankShaft Culture is an adventure vehicle blog run by the most awesome and interesting vehicle and gear nerds I know. They cover a very, very wide variety of vehicle topics, so long as the vehicle helps you “get the most out of life and take you to amazing places to see incredible things.”

Recently we collaborated with them to write up our 2012 Tacoma Build, which they published on their blog. You can read it here.

We’re really excited about this because folks have been asking about the details of our build for quite a while. This build is capable, practical, modular and camp takes less than 3 minutes to set up. This rig gets used over a hundred nights a year, so durability, practicality and comfort were top priorities.

This 2012 Tacoma is also the official Bomber Products show vehicle, with many of the modifications and accessories available on the company’s website.


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